You could purchase a different btu unit or close off a smaller area for the smaller air conditioner to cool. September 22nd, 2014. Winterizing window air conditioners is necessary as there may be a space between the window and the air conditioner. Rather than removing your air conditioner from the window for the winter you may choose to leave it in place and winterize it. Is It OK To Leave Air Conditioner In Window During Winter? If possible, simply open your windows to allow air from outside to cool down your home during the cold months. Tags . Winter storage of Window AC unit . Leaving your unit in the window can cause drafts and increased energy consumption. 0. The dirt comes more from the seasonal use. Appliances, HVAC, Kenmore, Window Air Conditioners in Air Conditioners. This may cause the unit to fail. Stay away from the controls! Email. Is it OK to leave a window air conditioner in the window for the winter in Massachusetts. Storing your air conditioner for the winter is best for both your unit and your utilities. I … AND how do I drain any water that may still be in the unit. chances are the 6000 btu air conditioner is not adequate enough to cool the new room more than what it is doing. Save. Category Weatherizing. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. Winterizing a Window Air Conditioner? And seeing as windows are already a significant heat loss source, not sealing the window AC may lead to an even colder winter. My dad has been using the same window air conditioners for about a decade. I'm probably going to need to leave my air conditioner in the window during the '07-'08 winter, and I have a few questions about air conditioners and winter. Yes. Share it! I was just wondering is it bad to leave a window ac in the window during the winter months I know they make ones that heat to so obviously those would be able to stay but what about the regular ones that just cool can the cold and snow damage it or is it alright? Report This by Vito Amorelli. Share. In terms of the harm that can be caused to the air conditioner if you run it during wintertime, the compressor may overheat since the oil is usually too thick to circulate in cold temperatures. Get more answers from the people in your networks. Pin. Now is the time to remove your air conditioner unit from your window and get it stored for the winter. Flag. It won't hurt the air conditioner. Follow. I leave my air conditioners in over winter, just make sure you cover the compressor area so nothing gets in it. Print. The only way to clean it right is to take it out, take it apart and clean the coils (evaporator, condenser), and all other parts, including the filter. They have NEVER been protected from the weather during the winter. He does take them out of the windows during the winter so he can close the windows, but they are stored … This is a guide about winterizing a window air conditioner. I wouldn't recommend any thing stronger then a garden hose and some good house hold cleaner.

can you leave a window air conditioner in all winter

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