Best quote from a tester:“Without knowing whose this is, it tastes like Drew Barrymore’s flower crown.”. Grapefruit-forward. pick in the portfolio. Here are our thoughts on five bottles of celebrity rosé, and what we think they say about the famous people who made them. Our Rosé Provence 2018 is a brilliant, pale pink color, exuding fruitiness and elegance. ), followed by each editor guessing which celebrity made which wine. LVE by John Legend French Sparkling Rosé The pink color of this Sparkling Rosé is reminiscent of a vineyard peach. The newest addition to musician John Legend's LVE wine collection, this fruity sparkling rosé is the most delicious (and most affordable!) The grapes from sandstone soils bring out the fruitiness and the grapes grown on vineyards with rounded pebbles bring … His creation is apparently a very popular bottle, 5 Reasons to Keep Drinking Rosé All Year Long, Rosé All Day: 15 Bottles for Every Occasion, Here's Why Celebs Wore Flower Pins to the Grammys, Celebs Who Didn't Wear White Roses to Grammys, 8 Red Wines That You Can Enjoy in the Summer, The 8 Best Celebrity Holiday Specials Ever Aired. Encompassing the tastes of summer and with a price tag that hovers around $10, this is a bottle to keep around for hot days and patio soirées. An experience.” Another said she could “drink it all day.” The only criticism, from three different editors, was that it didn’t taste terribly substantial, like it was “watery.” Overall, though, this was one of our favorites of the pack. The rules were simple: A blind taste test to determine flavor, notes, and overall composition (that’s wine-speak, right? On the palate, crisp light notes of fresh picked strawberry and white nectarine lead to an elegant, lengthy and a mineral finish. No one did very well on the last part, maybe because we saved it for the end after everyone had several glasses of wine? Not overly fruity or acidic, but with a flowery bouquet. No stinging lemony aspect that can come into an acidic wine.” That’s some genius analysis. Without any sweetness. What’s the deal?The rocker and his family (the Bongiovi clan, did you know?) Now, you may be thinking, Hey, Brad and Angelina got a divorce, so who’s watching the grapes?! This is the one of the most popular wines from France. I can tell because it’s trying too hard.”. How’s it taste?The most mature-tasting wine we tried, our editors described it as “dry, different from the others,” and “smoothly tart without being acidic.” One said, “I could drink a bottle of this by myself and not feel sick,” which is probably not recommended! What’s the deal?Drew herself describes it as “peach and apricot. Rotari Rosé 2014. The grapes from sandstone soils bring out the fruitiness and the grapes grown on vineyards with rounded pebbles bring a richness and elegance to the wine. 2 John Legend, LVE Rosé, $25. They decided not to split it when they divested their assets and reportedly consider it “an investment for their family.”. While some of the more discerning among us described it as seemingly "watered down," it was the second-most popular of the bunch. With a fruity nose, blending notes of citrus and small red fruits, the bubbles are soft and pleasant. With a fruity nose, blending notes of citrus and small red fruits, the bubbles are soft and pleasant. It’s pink, it’s delicious, it’s kind of basic: It’s rosé. It’s well-balanced with voluptuousness and hints of red currents and … Enough citrus to keep it crisp. Sign up for our mailing list and receive notification of our special deals and events! Feel the Dolomites wind in your hair as you sip this Trentodoc that gets its lean, … Made in collaboration with established vintner Jean-Charles Boisset, this sparkler is a blend of grapes from the Loire and Languedoc regions of France. We did get some good reviews in, and we’re sharing them now. How’s it taste? All of us dug it (and remember, we didn’t know it was Drew’s at the time). How’s it taste?Relaxed and springy, not syrupy like other similarly-priced rosé—it’s nice and dry. ", What the deal?This is an award-winning wine made at the Miraval vineyard in France, where Brad and Angelina celebrated their 2014 wedding. Please drink responsibly, people! We’re in the throes of rosé season now, which makes John Legend’s recent announcement that his LVE label is releasing rosé especially timely. Whether you're celebrating something special, or simply living your best life with a bottle of bubbles, here are 16 of the best rosé sparkling wines available now. This item can be shipped to certain states. PINK Party, which he made specifically for millennial women (we love being catered to), is his first sparkling rosé. "A perfect combination of dry and sweet." One editor said, “It goes down easily, and flows through my body. LVE French Sparkling Rosé (Legend Vineyard Exclusive) This vintage rates better than any other year for this wine (2018 Vintage)

lve sparkling rosé review

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