That’s because of the high quantity of tannins. Aging Wood With Vinegar and Steel Wool. Step 4 - Apply the Vinegar and Wool Stain. As a rule of thumbs, wood types with a bigger amount of tannins will show off a much more weathered look once you are done. Brush the stain in long strokes moving in the same direction along the grain of the wood. To intensify this effect, I added a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to the vinegar/steel wool mixture. The reason that I wanted to age this board is because it had a very yellow finish. Allow the stain to dry completely. How do off-the-shelf wood stains and wood aging accelerators compare to a homemade solution of steel wool and vinegar? Now you can have that old wood look without that pesky old wood waiting. Brush the tea solution onto the wood. The best types of wood for applying the baking soda and apple cider vinegar technique include mahogany, redwood, cedar, red oak, and pine. Here is what I started with…. In order to get the best aging effect, the iron acetate (what happens when you mix vinegar and steel wool) has to interact with the tannins in wood to oxidize and create an aged effect. If your wood doesn't look as old as you were hoping, repeat the steps. Be sure to cover the wood thoroughly with the solution. The tannin will react with the vinegar/steel mixture to oxidize the wood turning it grey before your eyes. Use a paintbrush to apply the vinegar and wool stain over the tea solution. I absolutely love the board but the finish not as much. If you want to hear how I got this wood board and that my sister has a matching one then keep reading. If not, skip ahead to the tutorial. I tested three off-the-shelf stains from Varathane that would give a weathered look to new wood: a weathered gray wood stain , a weathered wood accelerator and an aged wood accelerator . 1 – Choose a Suitable Wood. Take your brush again and brush your Vinegar/steel mixture over the wood.

how to age wood with vinegar

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