Greetings! Guinea fowls are naturally dominant and will likely take over the coop by asserting themselves in any altercation. They are not flyers and they aren’t very fast. Or Utilizing their loud, alarm-like cry as a deterrent to predators, guinea fowls can act as backyard protectors for your chicken flock. supplier please let me know. with other poultry, What Guinea fowls are natural weed killers and fertilizers. Coop is decent sized and fenced in area is approx. Additionally, chickens will roost at dusk which is when many predators make their move. Raise the birds together as small chicks. Hubby is ready to shoot aggressive guinea. 6 by 8. Guineas do scratch but with no where near the same dedication as chickens. A small group of guinea fowls will often make such a ruckus that their owners are alerted of danger right away. Keep that in mind when building or purchasing a coop. Read on to learn more about the guinea fowl and why you should consider raising them alongside your chickens. for guineas, Mixing While the cost of farm fresh and organic eggs continues to rise, it has become increasingly popular to keep and raise chickens in backyards. A racoon got 1 of the guinea and 2 of the pullets first night out in the coop. Flocks of guineas kill and eat mice and small rats. Related Post: 7 Chicken Predators And How To Protect Your Flock. Started out with 3 guinea chicks and 7 pullets. Guinea fowls do not like to be moved from coop to coop. The other guinea is peaceful with everyone. Owners cannot raise one guinea fowl alone even in a flock of chickens. I love to hear from readers about what they think of the site. Follow these tips to integrate the two species with minimal problems: Freelance writer Marlene Ridgway, grew up in rural West Virginia cooking, keeping chickens, stacking firewood, picking blueberries, and gardening. If something were to happen to “Gabby” the aggressive one would the other be okay just hanging out with the chickens? The chickens could feel a constant threat and become overstressed. In comparison, chickens have been known to produce approximately 320 eggs per year. Keeping guinea fowl is also an effective means of pest control. If you would like to be added as a Upload a photo / attachment to this comment (PNG, JPG, GIF - 6 MB Max File Size):  (Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, maximum file size: 6MB. Reasons Managing ticks without harsh chemicals can be tricky and is sometimes ineffective. Your email address will not be published. to feed keets and growers, Artificial All chicks bought same day and are now approx. She is the quieter of the two. Moving the birds too often. Guinea fowls, commonly known as guinea hens and guineas, are a low-maintenance but beneficial addition to your coop and backyard. Guinea fowls do not lay eggs as often as chickens, but they do lay heavily at different times throughout the year. Whether you already have your own flock or are debating one in the future, consider adding a few guinea fowls to the group for more reasons than one. 3 months old. Guinea fowls lay eggs regularly from spring to fall. Guinea fowls, on the other hand, tend to forage for insects and bugs that are above ground which causes less damage. Guinea Fowl, Other 1 of the guinea’s has gotten downright vicious with the pullets, picking a different one every day and going after it like no tomorrow. They Will Brood and Breed. Additionally, guinea fowls do not scratch and forage for insects the same way that chickens do. This fact alone has encouraged people to find a space for guinea fowls in their yard. Guinea fowl flocks can be found in nature among the rhinos of Africa. Tea During Pregnancy: Which Ones Are Safe? I have no way to separate them long term, currently aggressive one is locked in coop so hens and calm guinea can relax for a bit. From low flying hawks to foxes, minks, weasels, raccoons, and even stray dogs, there’s no shortage of predators when it comes to chickens. They will have … Guinea Fowl & Insect Control: Guinea fowl are a hit with gardeners thanks to their voracious appetite for demolishing bugs and pest insects in the garden. Guinea fowls are natural weed killers and fertilizers. While guinea fowls do produce eggs less regularly than chickens, the eggs tend to be richer in flavor, making them a delicious addition to the homestead.

do guinea fowl kill mice

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