They tend to be more disease-resistant than wool sheep, and the meat is generally considered of superior quality, as are the hides, which may be sold for leather. Valais Blacknose New Zealand in conjunction with Reni and Kevin Melvin of Elite Sheep Reproduction, LLC will be selling the first purebred lambs from New Zealand embryos in March 2021. More than 240 sheep were entered, including lambs and flock sheep, and Amberley A&P Show sheep section convener Jimmy Gardiner said it was the biggest sheep show in Amberley for at least 10 years. Reed, NZ 1968, revised 1972. Rare Breeds livestock of New Zealand. A.H. & A.W. Modern breeding schemes have also resulted in an increasing number of composite or synthetic breeds which are the result of a crossing of two or more established breeds. Words: Nadene Hall Photos: Michael Trotter and Inger Keymer, Rare Breeds Conservation Society WOODSTOCK SHEEP Breed: merino Found: Woodstock station, west of Oxford, Canterbury Wool: […] Sheep Wise – Wool Wise: Educational Folder for the Black & Coloured Sheep Breeders’ Association of New Zealand (PDF 5.3 MB); Roland Sumner, Understanding Fleece Judging (PDF 1.1 MB). Information about New Zealand Sheep Breeds by Meat and Wool Innovation Ltd. Molly Duncan, Spin Your Own Wool. The Corriedale Sheep breed is one of the oldest of the crossbred sheep breeds and originated from New Zealand. Rare Breeds, livestock, description and photos. The move to cross-breeding and the intensification in farming methods encouraged farmers to find breeds that suited their local environments. It is one of the most popular sheep breeds in quite a few countries around the world including America. However, regardless of the type of country, New Zealand breeders wanted a dual-purpose sheep. Gotland Pelt sheep, description and photos. The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand lists and describes rare and minority breeds that it … Rare Breeds livestock of New Zealand. Selection for wool type, flocking instinct and other economically important traits over the centuries has resulted in more than 200 distinct breeds of sheep occurring worldwide. The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand lists and describes rare and minority breeds that it … On the whole, hair sheep are known as tough, adaptable breeds that thrive on open ranges with little human intervention. Different breeds for different country. They are extremely rare and are part of New Zealand’s colonial history. It is a hardy, adaptive, good lamber, the ewes are great mothers and they have a premium grade meat and top-quality wool. These five feral sheep breeds are vastly different to romney breed which make up approximately 68% of this country’s sheep population.

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