I'm evaluating possibly listing my home through Redfin. Think of them more as a broker who's rethought the traditional role of an agent in a real estate deal, not as a purely "discount" broker. ? Both of them sat on the market for months because there was never any open houses, no marketing etc. When we decided to put in an offer, the process was night-and-day compared to the traditional agent. When I signed on with Redfin, I did so from a cost savings point of view - the 1.5% reduced commission was very attractive, and I also liked the offer of free professional photography, premium placement on their site, and a $250 rebate for improvements to the property to prepare it for sale. Our agent was a very nice person and thoroughly explained everything. They get paid either way and don't depend on future referrals from you. I can give you a recommendation, if you'd like. Why don't you just get a full service agent eager to earn your business and ask for a commission reduction? The experience has so far been extremely positive - I would do it again in a heartbeat based on what I know so far. I've also seen plenty of full service listings where it looks like the pictures were done in the dark with an iPhone 4. This is my first time selling, but I'd previously bought so I knew more or less how things would go. I was comfortable with that division of labor, but if you're an absent seller or otherwise uncomfortable with some element of DIY preparation of your property, you're definitely better off going with a full service agent who can call in their connections and help smooth the rough edges of getting the property ready for sale. The only catch is that Redfin is probably best suited for a seller who is familiar with the basics of a real estate transaction. I do know Redfin offers classes that cover aspects of home buying and selling, though. buying a house Instead of the typical 6% commission fee for agents on both sides of the deal, you get to market your property for a cheaper price. Just make sure you declutter the house, do a little landscaping, and get professional photos taken. Redfin Agent: I picked out the agent who seemed to have the most experience (based on reviews). The only catch is that Redfin is probably best suited for a seller who is familiar with the basics of a real estate transaction. If I were to make an offer on a home, with a contingency of mine selling in 30 days, would the seller (likely non-Redfin) view my offer as competive as say someone who had their house listed through Remax, Centry21, etc. Also worth noting; we also bought using a Redfin agent and had a very positive experience. If you need to fight for a price and for buyers, I'd use someone else. In sum I recommend if you don’t want/need handholding. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Those houses were under contract that same week. foreclosures Selling was a lot less aggressive effort than what you may get in a traditional agent but it was easy and they provided a full staging and 3D walkthrough with a professional photographer at no charge. See how much you could save with Redfin. I use their website all the time. I'm going through the process of selling a home with Redfin right now. borrowing That's not true anymore - they handle the same duties start to finish you'd expect a traditional broker to handle, just with slightly less handholding, a much more technologically aware workflow (DocuSign all the way! There are plenty of great agents that work for Redfin. Paul says. This was years ago when I think we were the first Redfin sale sign I had ever seen in the wild so it may have changed. Do you mind sharing which month/season you guys listed your home for sale? To get an idea, go to open houses hosted by Redfin and ask them questions about the house and neighborhood. I'm a big fan of Redfin. Is selling a house through Redfin as "competitive" in the current market? We had 3 showings total with Redfin and each was with a member of his team. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A major concern I had going in was that Redfin would be a deterrent for buyers working with a traditional agent, as agents would want to steer their clients away from a discount brokerage's properties. I used a buyer's agent from Redfin who was incredibly responsive. If you are independent in your home search and don’t desire to feel like you are playing off two agents (buyer and seller) I highly recommend. Redfin agents are of the worst I've ever seen. I like their data transparency. Both parties took their house off the market and went back up using a realtor. The agent focuses on deals, deals, deals in volume - they advise you on how to prepare your property, how to price your property, and handle the actual negotiation of an offer. Please share your experience, thank you in advance! We actually have yet to meet this guy. Selling with Redfin means you get to only pay a low listing fee of 1% when you buy and sell. About to close and everything has been smooth sailing. loans As a professional, please consider interviewing some other agents from various companies before taking the dive of using Redfin. Now that said every brokerage has good and bad agents so I would not say your 100% safe with anyone. My agent is extremely competent and has a great perspective on things - her advice has been very helpful in preparing the property for sale, choosing a data driven pricing strategy, and ensuring the property shows well online.

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