I want to see an end to opioid use disorder in Pennsylvania, and this is a step in the right direction.” Taking the fight directly to the tobacco industry, in 2018, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products (STOP), a new global watchdog, at the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Cape Town, South Africa. Progress since 2007 will save Read how accurate birth and death records help improve policy. Browse all issues of Public Health Reports. It is time to highlight epilepsy as a public health imperative, to strongly encourage investment in reducing its burden, and to advocate for actions to address gaps in epilepsy knowledge, care and research. 2019-2020 Flu Reports. That is especially true for public health issues when millions of lives are at stake. Watch: Improving the Health of Women and Families, “I am delighted that Mike Bloomberg has agreed to continue in his role as WHO Global Ambassador. Bloomberg Fellows Kate Vander Tuig (left) and Kelli McIntyre attend the first Bloomberg American Health Summit. To avoid these preventable deaths and injuries, Bloomberg Philanthropies works to improve road safety in low- and middle-income countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America in an effort to protect everyone on the road, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and car occupants. More than In Tanzania, one woman dies every hour from complications of pregnancy or childbirth. By helping governments invest in new technologies, data collection has become more efficient. The United States now ranks 34th in the world in life expectancy, behind most industrialized countries. Half of these deaths occur among people under the age of 25, with children under the age of five at the highest risk. Many of these deaths can be prevented. The Country Health Profiles are the result of joint work between the OECD and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Peru, for example, instituted digital death certificates and reduced processing time of its data from two years to just two weeks. The report is produced by WHO in collaboration with the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE). State vital record reporting may also be affected or delayed by COVID-19 related response activities. Bloomberg Philanthropies has continued supporting daycare for more than 50,000 children in Bangladesh. Visit. Americans are now more likely to die from an opioid overdose than in a car crash. Public Health; Clinical Services; Communicable Disease; 2019 Coronavirus; ... Klamath County reports 60 cases November 23: Klamath County reports 25 cases. Focusing on the rural Kigoma Region, the project has taken a comprehensive approach, training non-physicians to provide obstetric care, upgrading or equipping 100 health facilities, and increasing women’s access to and awareness of maternal health services. In 2017, more than 47,000 people in the U.S. died of opioid overdoses. Babies nap in a Bloomberg Philanthropies-supported health center’s maternity ward in Tanzania. To begin filling this void, in 2018, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched a new $50 million initiative to help states craft effective opioid policies and interventions that can be shared across the country. Main: (404) 657-2700. Research has shown that households that purchased the most sugary drinks before the tax had the greatest decrease in purchases – a 16-20 percent reduction by the second year of the tax. (Right to left) Michael Botticelli, Executive Director of the Grayken Center for Addiction at Boston Medical Center, moderates a panel discussion on opioid addiction with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Rhode Island Department of Health Director Nicole Alexander-Scott, and Professor Chinazo Cunningham of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Tom Wolf Efforts have centered on working with national and local governments to enact a package of policies, called MPOWER, that are proven to reduce tobacco use and save lives. In 2018, South Africa implemented a similar measure following advocacy efforts by Bloomberg Philanthropies-supported partners. Published since 1878, Public Health Reports (PHR) is the official journal of the U.S. Today, half of all deaths in the world (nearly 30 million each year) go unrecorded, and too many health policy decisions are based on inadequate or incomplete information. Call Us. Additionally, Bloomberg Philanthropies supports local organizations that advocate for new laws and programs that will improve access to reproductive health care in Burkina Faso, Uganda, Nicaragua, and Senegal. The most recent data show a 1.5 percent decline in global sales in 2017 compared with 2016. Experts from the OECD and the Observatory prepared a set of 30 Country Health Profiles, covering all EU Member States, as well as Iceland and Norway. Bloomberg Philanthropies has invested $1 billion in tobacco control over the past decade.

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