It looks brand new, not 25+ years old, yet still feels broken in. With a caring mindset, we will look very close at your individual jacket. You have been a complete pleasure to deal with, and I'm very glad I found you online. Sprayed finishes are usually less desirable as they indicate extremely mass produced imports of questionable value, whereas a vat dyed jacket will allow new dye to penetrate and the jacket can be made to look new again in the right hands. While it was not restored to a wearable condition - because the leather was crumbling in places - it was made presentable for a lasting display. Its like seeing an old friend as they appeared the first time you met them. All stitching is perfect. Thanks again for another fantastic job!!! We offer more than one size zipper, more than one type of fabric and interlinings (degrees of warmth) for relining your jacket. Thank you very much! As you take in the sides, it does pull the sleeve hole in on the sides, making it smaller, but it may have been cut too deep to ever look and function correctly. ... Over time this does mean the leather surface gets rubbed away, but by specialist and experienced colour matching we can recoat the effected panel … I have been wanting to do this for 15 years. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!!! An old sheet and with a hole for the hanger will work if you don't have something made for this purpose. Thank you so much for fixing the 2 small tears. Save up to 35% on luxury men's and women's leather jackets and sheepskin coats. Sincerely, Nicole, Just a THANK YOU for the amazing restoration of my favorite 10 year old leather jacket. Place a small pile of cornstarch on the spot. The upper outside arms are one of the most common areas that we receive at Leather CARE Specialists for repairs. Sprayed finish hides have not been dyed in vats during the tanning process, which allows for color penetration all the way through the skins. Make sure it is not packed tightly between other hanging items. New extensive range of leather travel bags, wash bags and messenger bags. He called it a "miracle". I will take you up on your offer to make a new jacket next year if everything goes according to plan over here.Thanks Again! Thanks for the high quality rib rack wool knits that were used for the early model jackets. 309-692-5414). Looks new. Send me a link where I can leave a review for you. Second choice is FedEx. :-), *Leather jackets are our specialty! All you really need to keep that leather clean, soft and supple is a cloth, some water and a natural leather … We use USA YKK solid brass zippers with an antique finish for most jackets. It is so hard to find people that take pride in their work and care as much as you. When you send your jacket in to us, we offer you CUSTOMIZED service with CHOICES. I had the good fortune of dropping off and picking up in person, so I was able to see firsthand what a first class operation you have. We think the Urad products are the best made! You are nothing short of a miracle worker!!! You can use clean water to dampen the cloth if you do not have Aquila Leather Cleaner. This is tricky and takes some time. Not only do I appreciate your craft and creativity, but I am very proud of the fact that the pillow was created (physically and creatively) in the USA! thank you so much. Your continued contact to keep me informed of progress along the way was first rate. I can't thank you enough! Dena, The jacket arrived as promised and WOW, you did a marvelous job on it. Below is a list of pretty standard prices. The left arm on the G-1 flight jacket above was stiff and stuck straight out. The attention to detail and the way the pattern on the fabric lines up in the center and the way the pockets are fitted in etc. I obviously would prefer the latter. Let it dry naturally. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Never put tape on a tear, as it will pull up the fibers when you take it off and make the tear worse. It easy to see why you have such a great reputation for Flight Jacket restoration. Hi, Dena, wanted to let you know that we presented the restored flight jacket to my girlfriend's 97 year old uncle (Elliott) this past weekend. Be observant when you put your gloves in your pockets. Are the buttons sewn securely with no loose ends? That's all I wanted. Marcia. I picked up the coat today. With a jacket that the top folds over, you'll want the facing to look the best for some inches. Good evening Dena, I just wanted to let you know that I received my skirt, and to say the least I was very impressed with your work. This will help keep it clean and looking nice. © Radford Leather Fashions-Quality Leather and Sheepskin Jackets for Men and Women. This area is susceptible to tears, so make sure these panels feel strong without weak spots (see photos). Also- More than likely a box from home will be cheaper for you than the free ones at the post office, as they only give away Flat Rate boxes now (these save you money if you are shipping a brick). Hi Dena, I just received the jackets that I sent for alteration and customizing and they couldn't have turned out better. ... Over time this does mean the leather surface gets rubbed away, but by specialist and experienced colour matching we can recoat the effected panel … A zipper that is set in too close to the stitch line (the zipper head drags or the head sticks) will result in faded worn edges. This is a great gift and you did a wonderful job! We specialize in full or partial restorations of both military and civilian, vintage and newer, leather … FREE UK DELIVERY. I could tell from speaking with you about the jacket, and from the beautiful results, that yours are the best hands for this jacket to be in for it to receive the care that it deserves. 30% OFF 30% OFF Quick add to bag. "Dena, I just wanted to let you know how great my G1 leather goatskin jacket looks since you have replaced the knit waistband and cuffs. $68.00. A specialist online boutique for ladies vintage jackets that have been well cared for. The Leather Doctors are specialist in leather repair and refurbishment and operate in over 8,000 locations across Australia. Richard". 309-692-5414. A quality lining will have a very tight weave and quilted linings should use “lock” stitches. But to say, and mean, "hit the same stitch holes", that's probably not doable for the entire length of the zipper. I see the bag was made with love. We could not be happier. Your continued contact to keep me informed of progress along the way was first rate. Give Joe and your dog a treat from us. (Unless the zipper was not put in well to begin with. Dena, I am so pleased. (Wearing a scarf around the neck is a major step towards a clean collar!) Hello Dena, The jacket looks fabulous so worth getting it refurbished, I am thrilled and I'm sure Ron will too, it will be under the Christmas tree. Select size Quick add to bag. If you want a NOS zipper (new-old stock), be advised that these zippers are quite pricey because they have to be ordered from the only company that I know of that makes them- and they are in Japan. The whole thing, including the knits, came out beautifully, and as I think you said yourself, the mouton collar is just perfect. Michael McGinty Shawsville, Virginia. (Fortunately it was not brittle. Our Ship Now page will guide you through the process of sending and receiving your leather item. Regards, Bart. I believe my jacket will service me well for years to come. There is a picture of a zipper worn at the pin on our Shipping page. You can use clean water or a very diluted solution of mild soap, like Ivory or Woolite, to dampen the cloth. ...linda fogle (this was her families heirloom WWII jacket), Dena, I just picked up my old leather Barbour jacket and you keep on making it look better than the day I bought it many, many years ago. Are the snaps secure? Excellent work! We replaced the mouton collar and replaced the knit cuffs and waistband in this original G-1 flight jacket sent for leather repair and restoration. Thank you again for making me this awesome bag. You did a great job and I am both pleased with your workmanship and appreciative of your efforts. Don’t wad them up and jam them in the pockets or your jacket my tear at the corners of the pockets. Way to match the leather sleeve patch too! Looks like it was worth it! At that time we can estimate or confirm a price that includes return shipping, as well as an estimated turn-around time. Check the leather panels. Cheers! Hi Dena,....Amen on the small USA company! Clean and moisturize and then make sure it’s dry before you hang it up.

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