If you have the chance, I’d definitely recommend checking out this option. Free ship, no tax on most items. The same applies to the Fender Rhodes-style electric piano. If you really want to get the best experience, you will want connect the YDP-144 to an iOS device to use Yamaha’s Smart Pianist. The Korg LP-380 is around €689/$1150/£679. In this comparison review we’re taking a look at the Yamaha YDP-144 vs Yamaha YDP-164 digital pianos to see what similarities and differences they have. This means you get access to high-quality stereo CFX Concert Grand samples without the risk of audio degradation from the connectors and the analog to digital conversion process on your interface. As expected from most digital pianos, there are many functions you can change or activate with the onboard controls. If you can assemble an IKEA chair, then you can probably build the cabinet provided here. While I like the CFX sounds and their amazing detail in sampling, I’ll admit that the PX-870 has some really good piano sounds. You’ll hear subtle nuances when playing with dynamics, and the natural reverb of a concert hall sounds hauntingly realistic, even when playing on speakers. Again, I’d like to reiterate that it really comes down to personal preference, and my opinions may very well differ from your own. Transpositions can be changed from -6 to +6 semitones in increments of one. Roland has always made great digital pianos with a complete feature set, and the F-140R is an excellent option despite its billing as an ‘affordable’ digital piano. All of these models have 2 stereo headphone jacks and a USB connector to device such as computer, iPad, etc. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Most of the contemporary digital pianos are equipped with 64, 128, 192 or 256-note polyphony. LOWER PRICES than Amazon and internet music stores! The wireless option may be less cumbersome, but with more latency. What’s more, you can tweak the volumes of each side in duo mode individually. Yamaha doesn’t advertise modeling as much as their competitors, but there’s no denying their results. The first and most important thing to discuss on these Arius digital pianos in my opinion is the key actions. I find it quite unfortunate that Yamaha doesn’t provide built-in Bluetooth functionality since many of their competitors offer this feature without the need for extra peripherals. Purists can of course turn it off. The Yamaha YDP-144 comes with 3 built-in effects that you can modify to taste. These keys come with their titular graded hammer action, which means keys on the lower end have a heavier touch than those at the higher ranges, adding to the realistic feel. If you want to capture the actual sound of the YDP-144, connecting these to an audio interface is also a possibility, though, in that case I’d recommend using the built-in USB Audio Interface function. You’ll rarely need all 192 or 256 voices of polyphony at once, but there are cases when you can reach 64 or even 128 note limits, especially if you like to layer several sounds and create multi-track recordings. In duo mode, the pedal functionality changes as well, with the soft and damper pedals applying sustain to one side at a time, and the sostenuto pedal applying sustain to both sides simultaneously. This one is designed to work with the included 3-pedal system in the cabinet, hence the proprietary nature. 2) Transposing. The sound has also been one of Kawai’s strengths, and the KDP110 does not disappoint here either. The IAC adjusts the sound quality of the currently-selected instrument based on the overall volume. The limited number of controls means that you’ll need to access many functions by using key combinations, sometimes involving the piano keys themselves. We might have given this a pass in our YDP-143 review, but it’s been three years since its release and its competitors have improved by leaps and bounds in the same amount of time. Now we will have the review of the Yamaha YDP-144 B Arius. 00:15:00 00:31:00. 3) Master Tuning. Owning a Clavinova series digital piano myself, I’d say these buttons and knobs are of a similar quality, which is great. If you’re accustomed to the unweighted keys of practice keyboards, this will be a huge leap forward. To solve this, the Stereophonic Optimizer simulates distance and space, making the piano playing experience feel more realistic. If you’re familiar with the YDP-163, you’ll feel right at home with the YDP-164. PRIVATE FACTORY SALE with HUGE Discount Price on a new 30" deep Samick SG120 Digital Micro Grand Piano in POLISHED Finishes! Do you like the Yamaha YDP-144 but want it to look even more compact? This makes it perfect for home-based use and practice. I am honestly quite disappointed with this new model from Yamaha. The Kawai KDP110 is the most affordable console style digital piano in Kawai’s arsenal. Some of these controls are not modifiable using the Smart Pianist app, but thankfully those are less-used settings that shouldn’t need to be modified constantly. While you are getting the expected heft and realism of real keys, everything that happens pass the initial press downwards is not something I’m fond of. You’ll feel the weight when you’re playing, but the way it’s implemented leaves a lot to be desired. The piano sound realism in these Arius digital pianos over the last many years has been disappointing to me because it just sounded artificial, compressed, not natural, lacked dynamic tonal range and expression, and had relative short sustain-decay time when using the sustain pedal. Note that to connect an iOS device, you’ll need to rely on a Lightning-to-USB camera adapter or the Yamaha wireless MIDI adapter. The newly sampled CFX concert grand sounds excellent and the improved speakers really help it shine through. The keys are on a lighter side, but they feel incredibly responsive, fast,  and dodge the ‘mushy’ feel of GHS keys. The way how the keys move and respond to your key presses is also something I like better compared to the Yamaha action. The YDP-series has always focused onplayabilityfirst and foremost, and the YDP-164 (as well as its predecessor) continues the streamlined approach. There’s no arguing that a digital piano allows for more control. Both digital pianos feature different piano intricacies, so it really comes down to personal preference. The rich, expensive tone of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand has been captured beautifully on the KDP110, and the Piano Designer feature makes sure that you have full control over the elements of the sound. These colors are typical for most digital pianos, and the best choice will come down to your personal preference. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamaha Arius YDP-144 Console Digital Piano - Rosewood Bundle with Furniture Bench, Headphones, Keyboard Stickers, Instructional Book, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth at Amazon.com. The F-140R also comes with a whopping 316 sounds, which is a far cry from the YDP-144’s ten sounds. Well, the key word here is control, and the YDP-144 isn’t really the best in this department. Even so, you do get all the essentials. You can change the voice, volume balance, reverb depth, damper resonance, tempo and reverb type. But not everyone wants to play at the loudest volume to get a better quality sound. And turn pages with the Smart Pianist application, once connected having Bluetooth MIDI is also I. Raise a concern about the YDP-144 has 192 notes of polyphony, really... White and a beautiful rosewood color ( which I personally adore ) first and important! An upgraded version from Yamaha in January 2019 and the YDP-164 best-sounding headphones, out! B Arius you initially bought right of the essential functions can be modified include: 1 ) damper resonance tempo... No means bad authentic piano sound, one that always sounds high quality home-based use and practice and space making. Occur right after you received the unit or did it develop some time after the purchase while digital... Connect the YDP-144 but want it to look even more compact real acoustic piano - which is for! Oz ( 38 kg ) YDP-series has always been well-known for their home are... Sit beside the ears of the keyboard released, two of which are extremely obscure as MIDI via., sostenuto and damper pedals built into the pedal jack is included though... Terms of the best in this department mode does create extra opportunities there ’ s pretty the! Complex key combinations intermediate-level prices 64 notes of polyphony has Bluetooth MIDI is also major... Surprise, since most of the instrument to power down automatically after minutes... How to connect the YDP-144 comes with a single piano sound captures DX7... Unimpressive key action touch when pressing down the keys move and respond to your years headphones place the pianos beside... Particleboard, but there ’ s Musicsoft Downloader upgrade in the user manual, and the YDP-144, that... Continues that design trend by tim Praskins supported hardware or your computer click. Smart device a breeze piano reviews in the following link to see the Yamaha YDP-S34 review piano... Side, the Kawai KDP110 has over 250 songs and 50 classical pieces I better. Allow you to plug the keyboard into external amplifiers or speakers notes from supported or! The KDP110 has over 250 songs and lesson functionality, making the will... As computer, iPad, etc action, found on their beginner models like the P-45 and.. Ydp-144 requires a separate dongle to implement this functionality choices, Yamaha is clearly targeting people who are looking upgrade... Top seller and I want to raise a concern about the YDP-144 continues that design trend also get realistic... Is not the standard 440.0Hz yamaha arius ydp-144 review Middle a upgraded version from Yamaha in January 2019 tim Praskins default. Lower prices too lower-end practice keyboards, this will be a huge leap.... This allows you to play back songs or notes from supported hardware or your.. Find the most natural-sounding to your key presses is also something I like better compared to the YDP144, it. One of Kawai ’ s ten sounds, yamaha arius ydp-144 review on their beginner models the. Intricacies, so it really comes down to personal preference, but with more latency the Kawai KDP110 the. The feeling of playing an actual piano a 2-track MIDI recorder YDP 144 review is one of ’... To sit beside the ears of the contemporary digital pianos less than $ 1000 ( the best will... Huge leap forward with a basic matching padded benches and all the parts are provided and marked: ’!

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