Engineering Outreach @ Nottingham Latest news Record number of pupil visits in 2011 Changing lives in Malawi Janssen Engineering Building Rooms 31 and 37. Read about how you can support the next generation of women engineers in achieving their goals. Civil engineers design the many different components of the civilization we live in and use every day including roads, bridges, buildings, power plants, and more. We immerse students in unique experiences that foster inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and meaningful connections to curriculum. Many of these principles are used in mechanical, environmental and civil engineering, where engineers have to calculate how much power can be generated by wind turbines and hydro electric dams (such as Niagara Falls) or how much power is required to move an object such as cars, elevators, and many more engineered objects. Welcome to our Outreach Page. We always have opportunities for faculty, staff, youth, and local community organizations. We create spaces where students can see themselves as active agents of change within their local community and society at large. Civil Engineering degree online through Engineering Outreach. Learn about our Women in Engineering outreach initiatives and attend an event near you! TISED - Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design, MIAM - McGill Institute for Advanced Materials, MIAE - McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering, E-IDEA: Engineering Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity Advancement, Empower: Leadership, personal and professional development, Engine: Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, ELATE: Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering. Over the last century, technological advances have resulted in increased length of the main span of long-span suspension bridges, making them even more vulnerable to structural vibrations caused by environmental factors, particularly wind. We see youth engagement as a long-term commitment, which cannot exist in isolation from students’ home and extracurricular lives. A master’s student of civil engineering , he looked at ways that Windsor can save on expensive upgrades to its stormwater sewers in a project for professor Tirupati Bolisetti’s course on water resources management. We emphasize the importance of ongoing, consistent relationship building and strong communication with our partners both on and off campus. Our Virtual Fall Programming is here! We work with teachers to bring resources together, from both the local communities as well as McGill. We are keen on continuing our projects and partnerships in long-term and sustainable ways. We aim to increase students' knowledge of Civil Engineering, and their understanding of how the skills they are developing at school or at college are preparing them for a life in Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering, the oldest form of engineering, deals with the community-building aspect of engineering: bettering neighborhoods by creating well-organized transportation systems, developing durable infrastructure, and ensuring a clean, healthy environment to live in. Civil Engineering students tackle problems of water management Proper urban planning can save money while saving the earth’s scarce resources, says Rafal Marynowski. Outreach Inspiring K-12 Students to Consider Civil and Architectural Engineering. Explore Imperial outreach events, activities, facilities, teaching resources and more on the Student Recruitment and Outreach website. We are committed to promoting Civil Engineering as an innovative way to explore applied Mathematics and Physics. We immerse students in unique experiences that foster inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, and meaningful connections to curriculum. Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering (CivMin) Division of Engineering Science (EngSci) The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) We’d love to connect with you and see how our visions align. We see youth engagement as a long-term commitment, which cannot exist in isolation from students’ home and extracurricular lives. The Engineering Outreach Office offers the following programs at the High School level: Leadership Camp; DEEP Spring Seminar Series; DEEP Summer Academy; Engineering High School Saturday Program; U of T Engineering Academy; Blueprint; ENGage High School Saturdays Together with classroom teachers in local community schools, we co-create opportunities for students to approach problem-solving in ways that relate to their lived experiences. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a Master of Engineering (M.Engr.) The Faculty of Engineering is collaborating with youth and teachers in high-school settings to support experiential, relationship-centered, responsive learning opportunities to create accessible pathways to higher education for diverse populations. Our projects are unique immersive experiences that invite young people to engage with complex, moving situations connected to their real lives. Our programs and projects are integrated with the classroom teachers’ desired learning outcomes, and we work to cultivate sustainable, ongoing partnerships that foster critical thinking and active citizenship for everyone involved.

civil engineering outreach

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